First of all, I’d like to say sorry if I say something wrong or not correct about Indonesia, but the distance between Ukraine and Indonesia is about 10 000 km. Probably as far from reality of my understanding of your country.

But I know for sure that Indonesia is one of the largest countries in the world with the fourth density of population; its capital – Jakarta – is in the list of ten largest cities in the world. It’s probably all that I know for sure, but everything else – is my perception of Indonesia.

First of all for me Indonesia is one of the most interesting tourist countries in the world, because even in Ukraine everybody has heard about the island of Bali and Java. This is a completely different world, where you can relax on the coast around the Indian Ocean, nature is completely different with unusual animals. Now in Ukraine is -18 degrees by Celsius (January) and we have a lot of snow, so it is difficult to imagine how warm is Indonesia.

I’ve heard that people in your country are very organized and responsible. For a short time, Indonesia has become a developed country. Maybe when we talk about “Asian tigers” in the economy, among other countries we also mean Indonesia.

I know that Indonesian culture is quite original and interesting, probably because of the influence of the Netherlands. I know that your country for a short period of time changed religious views for several times. It is also probably influenced by the culture. Batik is a very beautiful thing.

I know that two major problems in Indonesia are terrorists and natural disasters. State spends a lot of money to prevent these problems.

As for Indonesians in my life, I met only one inhabitant of this country so far. If other people are at least half as polite, friendly, funny and talented as my friend, then this nation has bright future!

Anton Skyba
Rotaract Club “Kyiv-Centre” District 2230


Unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure yet to explore Indonesia. I hope one day I will be able to meet the people, I know they are very friendly. I think it is fantastic that they are so willing to welcome you into their lives, their homes and into their hearts. I would love to see the beautiful landscape and learn about the traditions and culture of the country. It has been a dream of mine to come and travel through Indonesia and I am sure I will do so in the nearby future!

Karin Witteveen
RAC Groningen District 1590

The openness and kindness of the Indonesian people is amazing. I’ve had the privilege to travel with an Indonesian Rotaractor throughout Holland. With her, the trip gained a great deal in the aspects of excitement, happiness, aventurines as well as international cooperation and understanding. Thanks Putri Nuraini for becoming a good friend and being a big part in making the Holland Rotaract Roundtrip 2009 the huge success it became.

From traveling in Indonesia, I can say that it is a welcoming nation with a population that always wants to help and lighten up your day. The real beauty is not only in the obviously beautiful landscape with islands, mountains and wild nature but most importantly in the hearts of the people.

Johannes Lindholm
RAC Luleå, District 2320

The first 3 phrases that Indonesia whispers into my ear, are good food, diversity of distinct ethnic groups and exotic islands. I should admit that it Indonesian food is one of my favourite in terms of diversity and taste. It has a wide spread reputation all over the world. Indonesia consists of distinct ethnic, linguistic, and religious groups which always attracted my attention and made the country more tempting to explore and visit. Lastly, despite the disasters Indonesia is worth of seeing the natural beauties. One of its most popular islands, Bali, is incredibly beautiful taking you away utterly to another world of wonders. I am definitely looking forward to applying for the round trip if you arrange one.

Ferhan Bilge TUNCER
RAC of Istanbul, District 2420

Indonesia is a very beautiful country with rich Islamic Oriental culture. It’s famous for its beaches; yet recently terrorism has been rather active, and couple American hotels have been bombed. I know that they have a very famous singing contest because I saw Leo on youtube there!

Eiston Lo
Rotaract Club of Richmond, District 5040

I want to tell your my story about visiting Indonesia,besause actually I’ve never thought about to go to Indonesia before. Yes,I really love traveling,but I thought it’s too far from Russia and it can be only my big dream.

But I’m in Indonesia right now! I’m really hapy about it! My dream came true!
It’s amazing country!
I’m staying in Jakarta-heart of Indonesia. My first impression was-“Oh,Jakarta is too huge,so many people,so many cars. Today I feel comfortable to stay here,I simply enjoy it,I love style-life of Jakarta.Big city,big dreams! It’s for me…

Also I want to tell about Indonesian people. They are really friendly,hospitable and nice. Every day I san see lots of smiles by people in Jakarta. It’s great! I love people here.

Oh,if you ever in Indonesia you have try traditional food. It’s so delicious! it can be spicy or swetty but it’s almays tasty.Btw,my favourite one is cap-cai-mix vegetables,with seafood,chicken and rice.

I really really proud of my experience to see this wonderful country. I want to say -” I love Indonesia so much”.

thank .

Olesya Anisimovich
Rotaract Club of Krasnodar, District 2220

Indonesia is one of my dream countries to visit. Recently, I watched a video about it, presented on one of the Rotaract international meetings, and was totally impressed by the country’s beauty, culture, and traditions. The nature of Southeast Asia differs so much from what we have in Eastern Europe that I could hardly believe my eyes!

From what I know, Indonesia is located on more than 17,508 islands spread over 5,000 km along the equator, which makes it a unique place for ecotourism. More than 480 ethnics groups keep alive over 583 languages, which make me so excited as a philologist!

I truly believe that people of Indonesia are not only hospitable but very talented, too. I can judge it by my Indonesian friend, who could sing, play any musical instrument, compose music, and learn Ukrainian in 13 days! I’m sure that visiting Indonesia will be a truly life-changing experience that I will never forget!

Irina Ostropolets

Vice President 2008/2009

Rotaract Club Kyiv, District 2230